Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tags and Textures: Madras tie

Just over a year ago, I ran across three madras ties at a thrift store and couldn't believe my luck. All had absolutely beautiful coloring, and I wore each a great deal over the course of the warmer months. That being said, I can only remember a single post where I'm actually incorporating one of them into my outfit, so I guess I'll have to remedy that in the future.

With the weather warming up here, I thought it would serve as a good time to feature some detail photos of one of them.

madras close-up
None of the ties are spectacular in terms of brand name (two vintage Hathaway's and one Rooster), but they're just absolutely lovely in terms of color and quality.

madras edge
Here's the edge with some extreme detail of the weave.

madras twirl
It's all about spring and summer, and they're going to be pulled off the tie rack a lot more in the next couple months.

Speaking of madras, I used a photo from the same shoot as a background on my recently-launched twitter page. After much hemming and hawing, I decided to start up an account mainly as a way to communicate with other bloggers who have twitter accounts, as well as a way to make some shorter comments that might not really fit on here very well. I'll also be posting links to what I feel are really excellent deals that I run across on ebay. The auctions I link to will have no affiliation with myself, just things that I see when I'm searching for things myself and decide to pass along. If you're on twitter and that sounds interesting, follow me and say hello.


  1. Very nice shots, I like the depth of field stuff going on here. I keep meaning to ask you, what's your camera rig? I've been trying to decide what to go with since Christmas.

  2. For my camera, I actually bounce back and forth between a Canon Digital Rebel xi (which we've had for a couple years) and a Leica d-lux2. The Canon is much nicer and takes better photos overall (and in the case of the photos in this post and some others where I've gotten close-ups, I use a macro lens).

    Specifically, I used the Leica in the shots in this post (, so it's certainly no slacker. Colors are amazing on it even though it's another older camera, but the photos don't have that crisp edge of the digital rebel.

    Having said all of the above, the best rule is just use natural lighting when at all possible. You can get amazing shots with even a mid-range camera with early-morning or late-day lighting (which is preferable due to both being less harsh and bringing out subtle texture because of the angle of light). I try to not do much post-processing on my photos (just a little color-correction if I've not getting the camera settings right), and try my best to get natural light sources (which is hard in the winter while working).

  3. Very nice photos. I'm starting to get use of my madras already. I'd love to invest in a Rebel at some point, though I'm unbelievably happy with the PowerShot I bought a couple months back.