Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Encouraging the thaw

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time at all, you know that I'm very influenced by the seasons when it comes to my style. Today was no different, and while the base part of my outfit was fairly subdued by itself, a couple accessories hinted at the spring to come.

cream tie combo

Over my left shoulder is a magnolia tree and a burning bush. In a couple months they'll both be glowing.

White OCBD up top with my camel hair herringbone jacket and cream-color Lord Jeff wool sweater vest for another layer of warmth. To keep it from being completely drab, I pulled out the fat linen square-end tie from this haul and a lovely cotton pocket square that almost perfectly matched it in color (and even repeated the square motif).

down below
Down below is pretty darn boring as well, with straight brown wool pants and some split-toe bluchers. As I mentioned above, though, this one was all about the little peeks.

The snow is melting, and more color will arrive on the scene shortly.

P.S. Tune in Thursday night for the biggest and best Style Share yet. Brooks Brothers, Lands' End, and London Fog all make an appearance, among others.


  1. Nothing boring about this outfit. All the textures match well, and there's something great about the lapel.

  2. Well done, nephew! Very nice layering, textures and colours are really matching each other in a non-boring way.