Monday, February 28, 2011

Tags and Textures: Vintage cream / red / blue silk tie

While the good things about winter include re-discovering the joys of my vintage pea coat and nearly wearing out a heavy-duty Pendleton scarf from daily use, my patience is starting to wear thin with the cold temperatures. I probably wouldn't be so grumpy about it all if the skin on the tips of several fingers wasn't cracked and bleeding, and I'd probably even find it slightly tolerable if our furnace hadn't decided to stop working on not one, but two separate nights when the temperatures dropped into single digits, but seriously.

At least I'm getting some extra cardio with all the snow shoveling.

silk tie 1
Really, though, I'm ready for some warmer temperatures and a brighter color palette. In anticipation, here's a vintage tie from the venerable Maus & Hoffman of Florida, who have been in business for over 70 years.

silk tie 2
I've never been there, but based on their website collection and quality of this tie and others I have from them (including a really old Hermes), they're purveyors of only the finest of finery. Yes, they're pricey, but lest you think all their prices are out-of-reach, check out the sweet madras pants on clearance for only $59! Damn!

silk tie 3
Made in Italy of some sturdy rough silk.

silk tie 4
This particular tie was featured in this original post and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that it was not only frayed at the bottom, but had a couple stains (on the back, thankfully). I wore it once last fall during a particular Indian summer-ish day, but I can't wait to break it out again soon.


  1. Temperatures are on the rise here, hope you won´t keep suffering from the cold for a long tie...just imagine yourself wearing that tie with some blue chinos and a seersucker jacket...oh summer, how i long for thee :-)

  2. Great tie, I like the colors and the texture of the silk. I second Spoozy's idea, it would also look good with a light blue shirt, khaki jacket, and off-white, blue or red chinos.

  3. Just thrifted a vintage Maus & Hoffman 100% Italian silk shirt, made in Italy, too - just wondering what kind of a price one might put on such a find? It's really a cool shirt - unfortunatley not something my husband would wear! :-(

  4. It's hard to say what the shirt is worth. Like some other bigger-name long-running mens clothing stores, Maus and Hoffman has some high-end makers of their items (for instance, I have an Hermes tie that also has a Maus and Hoffman tag), but their own lines probably aren't well-known enough to bring a great deal by themselves, unless it's a truly knockout item, then it might just sell itself.