Thursday, February 10, 2011

Style Share return - Robert Talbott tie

The week of Style Share returns continues, with another submission from earlier this month.

Robert Talbott
Back again is Yankee Whiskey Papa, who claimed this Robert Talbott silk tie.

Style Share Talbott

photo courtesy Yankee Whiskey Papa

As with his last return, I'll let him tell it:

The tie arrived safely, and went around my neck the following morning, paired with a Turnbull & Asser shirt in black and white stripe. Boston winter has lately been wet, and an LL Bean cardigan in bright yellow kept me warm under an already heavy green wool suit. "Reading Days" at the firm are generally held during bad weather when no client visits are scheduled, and conservative suits give way to more rough wools and heavier flannels.

I have to say, the suit looks so rich and warm that I feel like I could use it as a blanket on a cold day. Love the playful touch of the yellow as well.

Thanks again to YWP, and for everyone else who has given feedback on this project to date.

Housekeeping note: It's a minor thing, but I just made separate categories for the original Style Share posts and their returns (which are now up to 6!) in my site labeling. It will make it much easier to sort through each moving forward, especially making it easier to see the kickass reader contributions.

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  1. Hey, I just found your blog and as a fellow expecting Midwestern father, I have to say it is great stuff. Keep it up