Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Neck decoration and a confession

In addition to the sunglasses I wrote about in the previous post, my best finds lately have been a couple of accessories. It seems like I'm always finding interesting neckties, but it's rare that I come across something so interesting as the scarf that I ran across the other day.

wool and silk scarf
Some time ago, I learned to always peruse the women's scarves while thrifting. Men's pocket-squares are often scattered in, and I found a an ascot awhile back as well.

wool and silk detail
My persistence was again rewarded the other day when I found this beautiful scarf hanging amongst the dregs and was instantly drawn to it. With a bold paisley print in 100% silk on one side and the other in 100% medium-weight black zephyr wool, it's about 10 times more flashy than the usual winter scarf, but I can't wait to drop it into rotation at some point and let the silk side flash.

navy polka dot bowtie
Awhile back, I also ran across this lovely silk bow tie in navy with baby blue polka dots.

Now, I'm certainly lowering my style credit (not that I ever had any to begin with) several notches in admitting this, but I have to share that I've never worn a bow tie in my entire life. When I saw this tie, I saw it as a future challenge to myself, and bought it with the thought that owning such a nicely-constructed piece (in such easy-to-work-with colors) would certainly be the impetus to finally take the bow tie plunge.

This one will be continued at some point in the future.

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  1. That scarf is a very nice find. I had somewhat of a revelation when I realized all the nice scarves and pocket squares were being put in the women's section. Then again, it makes sense since most of the people who work at thrift stores probably don't know what they are.

    As for the bow tie, you couldn't have found a better first bow tie than that one. It's simple and will go with just about anything. I had previously only worn bow ties as a kid and have only recently begun wearing them again. Although my local thrift shops always seem to be extremely bereft of them so I consider finding them extremely fortunate.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some action shots of the two.