Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Style Share return: Brooks Brothers tie

Another Style Share return, this one from November.

Brooks Brothers blue

This one was a repeat contributor, as TDP had claimed another Brooks Brothers tie from a couple months ago.

Style Share return Brooks Brothers

photo courtesy TDP

He paired it with a navy double-breasted Brioni sport coat, and on a date no less.

One of things that I like about this whole series of posts is that not only is someone giving an entirely new life to an article of clothing, but the pieces that I've sent out have been worn for work, research, play, and even a lunch date with the family. Not too shabby at all. As always, many thanks to everyone who has participated.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Style Share: December

I'm trying something slightly different this month with Style Share, and I've arrived at this idea after reading comments from some regulars on the site. For the first week after posting (up until Dec. 28th), the items in this months entry will only be available to those who have commented on this site under posts other than Style Share. So, if you've commented on different entries in the past (I'm thinking of folks like Mr. Readerston, JH078, JKG, YankeeWhiskeyPapa, MarcoBerlin, and others) but haven't been quite quick enough on the draw, this one goes out to you...

As with other entries, the only thing I ask is that the recipient of said item of free* clothing email me back a photo or two of them wearing it for a follow-up post on this site. First three items claimed will be sent out.

Robertson tartan

Unclaimed from last month, this lovely tartan tie features some great colors. Goes with just about anything.

Lands End tie

Lands' End tie in silver/brown, navy and red. Wintry mix.

Liberty of London tie

Liberty of London paisley in amazing colors. Might be madder. Either way, it's gorgeous.

Pendleton hat

Pendleton newsboy tweed hat in size large. If this fit me, I would be keeping it for sure.

two tone hat

One of the coolest hats I've seen in the past year. Vintage two-tone driving cap in gray-flecked tweed and black cotton velveteen. Insane.

Dunn & Co jacket

Best for last? If this chocolate corduroy Dunn & Co jacket fits you, you should be able to slay the town. Side-vented. I think it's a 42l, but check following measurements to make sure it fits you. Shoulders (seam to seam across back): 18"; Sleeves (outseam): 25.5"; Chest (armpit to armpit across front): 20.5"; Length (base of collar to bottom): 31"

As usual, claim your item in the comments, then email me through the address listed on the site.

*Seriously, it's free, and yours to keep forever. No strings attached. I won't share your name on the site or with anyone else unless you have a blog of your own that you want me to link. Please note that all clothing will be used (but certainly not stained, smelly, or damaged, as I do have standards), so please only agree to participate if this sort of thing doesn't gross you out. Thanks!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Style Share return: Polo Ralph Lauren tie

As mentioned in previous posts, I've gotten several Style Share returns back lately, and so I'll try to get them all featured in fairly short order.

Polo silk in green and off-white

This nice little green and off-white Polo Ralph Lauren tie was offered up in November, and The Cable Knit Charlestonian snagged it.

Polo tie details 1

Polo tie details 2

photos courtesy The Cable Knit Charlestonian

He sent a couple photos back, with details on the details...

  • Polo Ralph Lauren reversible herringbone/Gordon tartan scarf.
  • Vintage Chaps Ralph Lauren houndstooth plaid blazer.
  • Merona marled cotton cardigan.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren oxford.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren tie.
  • Agave jeans.
  • Club Room socks.
  • Vintage Florsheim Imperial saddle shoes.

I'm especially digging the reversible scarf, but the whole outfit looks insanely warm and nicely-layered. Many thanks to Scott (and everyone else who has participated so far).

P.S. The Cable Knit Charlestonian is running a fun contest on his site right now, so swing by if you dare rock a crazy holiday sweater.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad news and good news

Bad news: Having symptoms that seem directly related to serious maladies suffered by relatives in the past and going through several bouts of testing to find out what the issues are.

Good news: Going through those rounds of tests only to finally find out that nothing is, in fact, wrong with you. Sometimes bodily issues that are indeed minor manifest themselves in ways nearly identical to stuff that keeps ones mind distracted and a bit distant. In this case, anticlimactic is a good thing.

Bad news and good news are never that great to get together, but I suppose if I have to get them, I'd certainly prefer to receive them in that order.

At any rate, December is now half over and despite the cold I'm feeling a bit rejuvenated. Haven't posted in ages, but hopefully updates will come more regularly now, including another Style Share return and one more Style Share for the year in the near future.

red scarf and combo

My favorite red scarf (sadly starting to show signs of age) has been making regular appearances, and the weather has been oddly un-winterlike. At worst, a v-neck sweater under a sport coat or suit will be enough for warmth, and sometimes I can even peel back to a sweater vest (like today).

red scarf detail

The details on everything are unspectacular in terms of name value, but I love how everything works together. Vintage Lands' End tie (Charter Collection!), Brooks Bros OCBD, Lord Jeff wool sweater vest, Pendleton scarf, and a Kenneth Cole (wha?) jacket that fits like a charm. Down below, and not pictured, were dark brown chinos and some beater penny loafers (perfect for days when wet roads, salt and gravel melt threaten the soles of nicer shoes).

Wishing you nothing but good news and good health for the holidays. I think I'll reiterate that a couple more times on here just for good measure.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Style Share return - vintage Robert Talbott

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I've gotten a bunch of Style Share returns lately, and this one dates back to the fair month of October, when it was much warmer round these parts.

vintage Robert Talbott

This vintage Robert Talbott tie (with embroidered ducks!) was claimed by Eric, who sent back the following pictures.

Robert Talbott duck Style Share

photo courtesy Eric

Upping the ante, Eric sent not only a detail, but a full body shot with shoes and socks and the whole kit and kaboodle. Great glen plaid jacket with a white OCBD, some charcoal pants and brogued oxfords of some sort. Great stuff, all around.

Thanks to Eric for the pictures. As with all the Style Shares, I hope he and everyone else who has participated gets many great wears out of the items they received.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Woolen weather

After an incredibly long fall, the temperatures finally fell a bit here this week, and unless the predictions are wildly off-the-mark, we'll have at least a bit of snowfall in the next couple days. I'd actually done the ceremonial closet-flip a couple weeks back (moving light pants and short sleeve shirts to storage while hefting out the heavy sport coats and wool pants), but hadn't gotten to actually wear much of anything due to the unseasonable temps.

This week, though, I piled wool on wool on cashmere on wool and stayed warm even when the wind picked up late in the day. Apologies on the photos, but it has also reached that time of year when it's dark when leaving for work in the morning and nearly dark when arriving home. Natural lighting is hard to come by except on the weekends.

wool and cashmere and wool

Up top, a dark gray Polo University Club jacket, a Lands' End button-down with a vintage cashmere Lyle and Scott sweater vest and a rad wool knit tie courtesy of a trade with Kleidsam back in the day.

tie closeup

Told you that tie was cool. I thought I needed a close up.

Herringbone pants and cap toe oxfords

Down below, I paired some older (made in the U.S.A.) Johnston & Murphy cap toe oxfords and some wool herringbone pants. The pants are actually made by Gap, and like a couple other older pairs that I own, are of surprisingly good quality. Nobody is going to mistake them for Paul Stuarts, but for $3.99 they'll more than suffice.