Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad news and good news

Bad news: Having symptoms that seem directly related to serious maladies suffered by relatives in the past and going through several bouts of testing to find out what the issues are.

Good news: Going through those rounds of tests only to finally find out that nothing is, in fact, wrong with you. Sometimes bodily issues that are indeed minor manifest themselves in ways nearly identical to stuff that keeps ones mind distracted and a bit distant. In this case, anticlimactic is a good thing.

Bad news and good news are never that great to get together, but I suppose if I have to get them, I'd certainly prefer to receive them in that order.

At any rate, December is now half over and despite the cold I'm feeling a bit rejuvenated. Haven't posted in ages, but hopefully updates will come more regularly now, including another Style Share return and one more Style Share for the year in the near future.

red scarf and combo

My favorite red scarf (sadly starting to show signs of age) has been making regular appearances, and the weather has been oddly un-winterlike. At worst, a v-neck sweater under a sport coat or suit will be enough for warmth, and sometimes I can even peel back to a sweater vest (like today).

red scarf detail

The details on everything are unspectacular in terms of name value, but I love how everything works together. Vintage Lands' End tie (Charter Collection!), Brooks Bros OCBD, Lord Jeff wool sweater vest, Pendleton scarf, and a Kenneth Cole (wha?) jacket that fits like a charm. Down below, and not pictured, were dark brown chinos and some beater penny loafers (perfect for days when wet roads, salt and gravel melt threaten the soles of nicer shoes).

Wishing you nothing but good news and good health for the holidays. I think I'll reiterate that a couple more times on here just for good measure.


  1. Glad to hear that all is well. I've found some older Kenneth Cole and Michael Kors pieces to be rather decent. I've discovered a couple of the designers' high-end pieces which were actually made in England and Italy which stand up to Brooks and Polo.

  2. I had assumed that the junior member of the clan was taking your time and energy, so I'm sorry to hear that's not been the case and glad to learn that nothing serious is the outcome.

    "Name value" is shorthand at best. Quality doesn't have a label; I think you've earned the right to confidence in what your hands and eyes are telling you.

    One of these days I'll make it to a style share in time to claim something. Be well.

  3. Stay well, Mr. M. Bracing up for winter is always an exciting/frightening time, and the grind doesn't kick in until late February.

  4. I'm happy to hear you're OK. I hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays.