Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Style Share return: Brooks Brothers tie

Another Style Share return, this one from November.

Brooks Brothers blue

This one was a repeat contributor, as TDP had claimed another Brooks Brothers tie from a couple months ago.

Style Share return Brooks Brothers

photo courtesy TDP

He paired it with a navy double-breasted Brioni sport coat, and on a date no less.

One of things that I like about this whole series of posts is that not only is someone giving an entirely new life to an article of clothing, but the pieces that I've sent out have been worn for work, research, play, and even a lunch date with the family. Not too shabby at all. As always, many thanks to everyone who has participated.


  1. I'm pretty new here, but I gotta tell you, this is a killer idea. You've got some great tastes and great ethics. Nice site.

  2. Neat buttons on the jacket - any idea on what material they are made from?

  3. Jody: Thanks for the comment. Hopefully more to come in the future.

    Makaga: Given that it's a Brioni, the buttons are probably made of PURE GOLD!

    Actually, I'm not sure what they are, but I'm guessing some sort of nice metal and possibly M.O.P. inlay.

  4. That ain't no gol-durned sport coat--that there is a blazer.

    Looks sharp, regardless of what you call it.