Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gone carving

Our long, brutal summer has finally given way to some cooler temperatures, and while we're still running at near dust-bowl levels in terms of moisture for the year, the bearable nights and reasonable days have me at least thinking about my favorite season in terms of clothing.

It's closer to pumpkin carving season than it is powder carving (heck, we haven't even gotten frost here yet), but if nothing else these ties helped me mark the changing of the seasons.

ski ties

I haven't skied in years, but I have a flaw in my character that I simply can't pass up novelty ties like this when they come my way. They're all great colors, with excellent movement, and while the fellow on the right might be a hiker and the odd man out, I couldn't just leave him hanging there.

More content coming this month, including a return of Style Share and more. Stay tuned.