Sunday, December 4, 2011

Style Share return - vintage Robert Talbott

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I've gotten a bunch of Style Share returns lately, and this one dates back to the fair month of October, when it was much warmer round these parts.

vintage Robert Talbott

This vintage Robert Talbott tie (with embroidered ducks!) was claimed by Eric, who sent back the following pictures.

Robert Talbott duck Style Share

photo courtesy Eric

Upping the ante, Eric sent not only a detail, but a full body shot with shoes and socks and the whole kit and kaboodle. Great glen plaid jacket with a white OCBD, some charcoal pants and brogued oxfords of some sort. Great stuff, all around.

Thanks to Eric for the pictures. As with all the Style Shares, I hope he and everyone else who has participated gets many great wears out of the items they received.

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