Friday, February 4, 2011

Color blocking

Some of my favorite recent thrift finds have been of items with solid colors, but amazing textures. After a week or so of trying to work new ties and other items into the rotation, I decided that Friday would be a day where I only donned only solid colors.

As it turns out, the informal challenge actually worked out quite well. A good mixture of brighter and subdued colors (plus some varied textures) drew my eye (at least) in unexpected ways. A casual Friday at the office, so to speak.

with and without outside clothes
On the left is my indoor outfit; A light olive shirt with a slight herringbone weave (my only cheat) was matched up with a super thick Scottish wool tie ($1, and one of my recent favorite finds) in cream and a 100% wool sweater vest by Lord Jeff ($3, another recent find). When I ventured outside, I added a heather green knit cap ($2.07 cheapie on clearance at Target), my perennial, slightly-damaged red Pendleton scarf and the heavy-duty navy pea coat.

pants and belt
Below, I wore some forest-green Polo corduroy pants ($5.00), paired with a thick Chaps belt and some Florsheim bluchers (not pictured).

As a whole, the outfit was certainly conservative by most measures, but popped with just enough flourishes of color to reflect the days getting longer and the temperatures slightly less cold.


  1. I like your combination of colors and textures. Simple yet cohesive. I just picked up some of those caps from Target as well. Not a bad deal. My latest post has sort of the same idea.

  2. Some nice colourplay here, really like it!

  3. I second Scott and Spoozy, I think that earth tones are really understated in menswear and you've paired them all up very nicely. I've always wanted some of those Polo green corduroys everyone (but me) seems to have, hopefully I'll find some soon.