Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brooks bonanza

Although I've found some great ties over the course of the past couple months, I hadn't run across a lump sum of truly great ones until this past week. Over the past couple years especially, I've gotten better at scanning patterns and colors and visually separating the wheat from the chaff (so to speak), so when I saw some familiar stripes all hanging together recently, my heart skipped a little jump.

striped ties
The three on the right were the ones that caught my attention (specifically the light-blue/navy/burgundy combo), and when I started flipping them over, my suspicion was confirmed.

Brooks Brothers!
I'm not completely sure of the era of these Brooks Brothers ties (I'm guessing 70s or early 80s?), but I'm pretty sure they all came from the same owner, as they were all found at the same store all huddled together amongst some polyester blends and a rather insanely-colored Jerry Garcia number.

I have two other Brooks Brothers ties with exactly the same label (bumping my total to six), and their construction and colors are pretty much impeccable. Finding four at one time definitely qualifies as a joyous occasion and means that a couple lesser-worn cravats in somewhat similar colors in my collection will now be exiting stage right to make room.


  1. Beautiful. I don't know what it is about those ties from that era, but they always look great. They seem to pop, in a refined way. I've got a couple with that style label, and they are always money. The ones you've pictured are timeless classics. Congrats.


  2. Whoa, very nice. Those are my favorite Brooks Brothers ties, perfect width and length, and always in classic patterns. That era of BBros was also still all made in the USA, which is of course a nice bonus.

  3. What reasonable man can resist another beautiful tie, or two, or more ?? Certainly not me. And more than almost any other single item it has the ability to take the same basic outfit in dozens of different directions. All it takes for me to consider a thrift outing a success is one great tie.