Thursday, January 20, 2011

Style Share return - Lands' End ties

Another Style Share return arrived in my inbox, this one from Scott at The Cable Knit Collegian. He snagged the lot of two Lands' End ties from December.

Lands End ties
His camera has been bugging out lately, so Scott graciously sent me a collage of the outfit that he was styling with the aforementioned ties.

outfit from Cable Knit Collegian

photo collage courtesy The Cable Knit Collegian

I'll let him put it together for you the rest of the way...
It's crazy how well these colors match up. I started off the day with my olive tie and cords. After work I switched into my red tie and cords for the evening. I paired these with my madras driver's cap (with hints of olive and red), green/white striped oxford, shawl sweater and shearling boots.

Thanks to Scott, and to everyone who has sent in their returns so far. I'll have another round of stuff early next month to claim.


  1. Those are perfect examples of how Land's End does the silk tie well. I picked up almost a dozen at their outlet (still there?) in Madison Wisconsin, along with a white/tan stripe seersucker suit for next to nothing. I wish they made pocket squares.