Saturday, January 22, 2011

Etsy Find - Handmade iPhone/iPad cases

I don't own an iPad or an iPhone, but when I came across Blythe King's Etsy shop, I kinda wished that I did, just one so I could deck it out in one of her handmade cases.

handmade iPad and iPhone cases

product photos courtesy Blythe King's Etsy shop

Made out of vintage fabric (and buttons) that she's collected, her products are absolutely stunning. They're organic, colorful covers, made of tweed and other highly textured fabrics, providing a great contrast to the items they house (known for their clean and futuristic (and many would say austere) looks).

They're not cheap, but considering that they're handmade and essentially one-of-a-kind, these gorgeous covers definitely look to be worth it.

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