Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shill - Lands' End sale

It's not very often that I post links on this blog to new stuff, because frankly I rarely buy new clothing anyway. Even sales sites like Gilt and others are usually ridiculously overpriced (at least, coming from the mind of a habitual thrifter), but in case you hadn't yet seen, Lands' End is having a fairly massive sale going on through tomorrow night.

I've long been a fan of Lands' End, largely because their clothes are well-made and almost completely free of adornment (yes, I love my Polo horsies, but for the most part I prefer garments sans-logos). At any rate, there's definitely some great deals to be found, which includes a lot of stuff in their Canvas line.

flannel overlay belt
For instance, I got one of these really neat twill flannel overlay belts for a whopping $6.98. There's also a load of great shirts, and I picked up a pair of tailored-fit nantucket red pants for just over 20 bucks (something that had been on my internal wish-list for awhile).

My total damage was just over $55 for 5 items (using the code JAN20 and the Pin 6111 for free shipping on $50 or more), which really isn't a whole lot more than buying stuff at a thrift store. With that purchase, it was the first time I'd bought a new (non-thrifted, anyway) clothing item since our trip to San Francisco. Unless I stumble upon some more great online deals, I'm guessing it will be that long (<> 6 months) it until it happens again.


  1. Thanks for the update on the Lands' End sale. Just picked up a few good accessories. Looking forward to the Style Share post.

  2. Yeah, I was going to mention that there are a lot of great ties as well, but I didn't buy any. It's not like I _need_ any more ties anyway.

    But I'm sure that won't stop me. :)

  3. Wow, I think I might have to get some new pants, especially when they're that cheap...