Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweaters and scruff

I had a nice little block of days off over the past two weeks, and even though I kept fairly busy, I found the time to get out and thrift a little bit. I had a lot of competition (our city is full of pickers, and there were quite a few thrifters in town for the holidays), but I did end up finding a couple gems.

First up was this vintage L.L. Bean sweater. It is now easily the thickest sweater I own, and I haven't even had the occasion to wear it yet.

L.L. Bean sweater
I knew it was something interesting the moment I saw it, and the tag affirmed it. It's old enough to have the vintage L.L. Bean font, and oddly enough it was made in Norway.

L.L. Bean detail
It's not 100% wool, but honestly I don't mind in this case. It makes it less susceptible to moth damage and although it inhibits the breath-ability just a bit, it's going to be layered with enough other garments when I finally do wear it that it won't make much of a difference anyway.

I also found a beautiful 100% wool sweater vest (knitted in England) and a short-sleeve (!?) 100% lambswool v-neck sweater that I'm guessing one would just wear like a sweater-vest. Some cool accessory finds (including a couple sweet ties) will be coming in another post.

It's certainly not very stylish, but I also bought this...

Las Vegas
Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of Las Vegas as a city (it's just not my thing), but I buy vintage ringer t-shirts like this once in awhile to wear in the yard and/or around the house. It's one of those shirts that feels like it's been washed about 150 times and is soft and thin and incredibly comfortable. To each their own, I guess.

Almost three weeks since my last wardrobe post, and almost as long since I've shaved. Trying to decide whether I should chop down the ever-thickening beard or not...

I haven't had any returns from the first two months yet, but I'll unveil the items for this months Style Share on Thursday evening (Jan. 6th). Some good stuff again, so swing back and stake your claim.


  1. Go for the beard! But keep it short and in shape. I got my beard since summer and like it pretty much (so does my wife).


  2. Great pick up with the LL Bean sweater. I'd keep the beard, but not much longer than it already is.

  3. Can only second my fore-posters...keep the beard, the sweater seems all cozy and warm...i suggest you´ll wear it with a bd oxford shirt, a bow and a vest overneath. Chino twill trou and Red wings...that would look awesome (not that you couldn´t come up with some own ideas ;))

  4. That LL Bean Norwegian sweater is one of the most coveted garments in all of the preppy kingdom. It also happens to be in a particularly rare color combination. Great find.

    Also, I say keep the beard.