Monday, December 6, 2010

Style Share - December

Last month, I introduced a new idea on the site that basically involves me spreading the joy a bit in terms of things that I find. If you want to know what's going on with this post, read that older entry for a few more specific details.

While I haven't had any returns (yet) from those initial items sent out, I am not going to be deterred. Since December is quite a month of holidays, I tried to pick out items that would work well in regards to the colors of the season. If you're one of the first three people to comment on this thread (or shoot me an email through the one listed in my profile, but by commenting you can publicly stake your claim), you get your choice of the below listed items, for free.*

As with last month, the only thing I ask is that the recipient of said item of clothing send back a photo of them wearing it for a follow-up post on this site. It doesn't have to be anything super fancy or Esquire-esque. Just enough to show me and my readers how you used it in an ensemble.

Okay? Onward to the items!

Brooks Brothers
Blue and gold is seriously ornamental, and this is is a really cool dark, dark navy and gold repp tie from Brooks Brothers. I'm sure you could find something to wear with this in order to slay the town.

Hart Schaffner & Marx
Vintage (likely 70s) medium weight wool Hart Schaffner & Marx suit in a windowpane pattern of light green/white and black with red and blue highlights. Marked a 44L, but measurements are as follows:

  • Chest (armpit to armpit across the front): 22"

  • Length (bottom of collar to hem in back), single vent : 32.25"

  • Sleeves (shoulder seam to hem on outside) : 26.5"

  • Shoulders (seam to seam across back) : 18.25'

  • Pant waist : 35" (no pleats)

  • Pant inseam : 31.5" (with .5" extra to let out without a cuff)

Own it. So many options for doing this one up in style.

Lands End duo
Not one, but two lovely 100% silk Land's End ties in the colors of the seasons. So many different combinations that you'll have a hard time deciding how to roll. Or just wear them at the same time like a futuristic Marty McFly (scroll to bottom to see what I'm talking about).

LL Bean
Vintage L.L. Bean red chamois cloth shirt in size 16 tall. Broken in and beautiful, wear this while going full-on lumberjack as you cut down your holiday tree. Couple it with a beard and/or pancakes, bacon, and a hot toddy.

Chaps tie
Classic Chaps by Ralph Lauren in candy-cane red and green repp, complete with embroidered steeplechase horse heads in gold. Get kissed under the mistletoe, or just hold this above your head.

Get involved in my modest little experiment and get a piece of clothing to keep. Easy, right?

*Seriously, it's free, and yours to keep forever. No strings attached. I won't share your name on the site or with anyone else unless you have a blog of your own that you want me to link. Please note that all clothing will be used (but certainly not stained, smelly, or damaged, as I do have standards), so please only agree to participate if this sort of thing doesn't gross you out. Thanks.


  1. Great thing you're doing here. Those Lands' End ties are perfect for the season. I love the Marty McFly reference. That's actually one of my nicknames from high school. I could see either going with olive cords, white oxford, a fair isle vest and tweed jacket.

  2. Well, if you´re seriously considering my vote, i´d opt for the Polo Ralph Lauren Chaps tie...i could imagine it to rock it with some blue shirt, a grey west and some kaki trousers...and hell, it´s a great idea to give stuff away for free (btw, i am happy to cover the shipping, if you consider sending it to me)...


  3. Scott and Spoozy, the ties are yours. Just drop an email to me via the address listed in my profile and I'll hook you up.

    The Brooks Bros tie, the suit, and the LL Bean shirt are still available for anyone else interested in playing.

  4. I'd like to stand in the row for the BrooksBrothers tie. It would just be perfect for my navy blazer with golden buttons....

  5. If the option's still open, I think I'd like to go with the LL Bean chamois shirt. I would normally go with the BBros tie, but that shirt is seriously nice looking and I think would actually look good under a tweed blazer with dark denim, some wool socks and bean boots.

    It's definitely a great idea to offer up some great clothing and see how everyone wears it, not to mention helping to promote dressing well.

  6. Leibhaftiger and David, hit me up through the email listed in my profile and I'll hook you up.

    Can't wait to see what people put together with these things.

  7. mistermidwester what is going on here on your blog :) too cool to believe! unfortunatelly the ties are gone. i liked the RL as well as the lands end ones. hope to be here on the blog earlier next time.

    btw, came to your blog through spoozys blog post!!

    cheers from berlin city

  8. Sir,

    You know I must commend you for what you're doing here. This is some seriously innovative stuff. Nothing beats giving away things for free and more blessings to you.

    I like trhe suit but it's definitely not my size, even if a tailor can do something about it. Another thing I'm trying to scale down on my winter wardrobe because the weather on my side of the world rarely gets cold, cold world. It is very gratifying giving away clothes.

    Once again, much respect for what you're doing.