Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rediscovering a classic

The temperature has dropped pretty drastically here lately, with overnight temps settling down in the single digits (Fahrenheit). Days have crept up into the 20s and even the low 30s, which means that it's time for serious business when dressing for the day. In past years, my go-to coat was a leather shearling coat that still sees some appearances on cold days, but the other evening I remembered that I'd acquired a vintage pea coat (complete with a name stamped in the lining) late last spring and had been stashing it for major thermometer drops.

vintage pea coat
The coat is incredibly heavy, and I've found that it's so warm that I only need to button the middle two buttons during the morning temps, while I drop down to one in the later part of the day (pictured).

With my usual layering, I imagine that the coat would easily suffice for sub-zero temperatures (buttoned up to the neck), as it blocks wind like no other and heats up the body quickly with a bit of walking.

I can't believe I never owned one of these before. It's definitely become an instant staple.


  1. That pea coat's pretty amazing. Great pop of color with the red scarf. Interesting tie, as always. Thanks again for the inspiration from your Style Share. I'll be having my own, soon.

  2. Great colour combo, Aaron. Feels like on could literally feel the softness of that sweater and tie...

  3. Holy cats! That Fair Isle tie and sweater combo are gangbusters. Nice work.


  4. I have been on the lookout for a peacoat for years, congrats on finding such a well kept example, it looks great on you. You've got to let us see that fair isle tie of yours, I had no idea such a thing existed!

    Also, great photo, as Spoozy said, the textures are incredibly crisp.

  5. The knit tie is actually an older Land's End wool number that scored earlier this summer. I'd been waiting until sufficiently cold weather to break it out, and there it was.

    I still have the maroon-colored one waiting in the wings...