Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tags and Textures: Mint green silk tie

Last week I tried to do a little something new by starting up a series of macro shots showing off textures and colors of different items of clothing that I love.

soft green silk
This time out, I'm featuring a light, minty green 100% silk tie that is one of my absolute favorites to wear. Instead of smooth silk, this one is slubbed, giving it an absolutely killer texture that almost looks like paper maché in places.

soft green silk tag
Not to mention, it has lines of blue, dark brown, and white running through it, so it can play off everything from a blue and white university-striped oxford and dark brown belt and shoes to something like baby blue pants and a white belt.

soft green silk detail
Basically, it's everything you want in a tie for when the weather gets warmer.

1 comment:

  1. Thats a really neat tie, I could see it being used in some really dapper ensembles. As always, the texture is incredible, I like rough silk ties like this for casual summer outings.