Monday, December 13, 2010

Tags and Textures: Navy knit silk tie

I've been trying to incorporate more texture into shots for this blog lately, and after receiving some nice comments on my last post, I had an idea for a series of photos that highlight both the textures and tags of various clothing items that I love.

silk tie
First up is this vintage navy blue (which tiptoes ever so slightly towards purple) knit silk tie. From a distance, it's somewhat inconspicuous, and in this shot one can get a vague sense that it has some texture and depth, but those small details are about all that's offered.

Silk knit tie tagsThe tie has two tags, one from the (now defunct, according to web searches) men's store it came from, the other denoting its fiber content with a nice shield motif.

silk knit tie detail
A close-up reveals an incredible amount of detail in the knit, with repeating patterns of dots and lines that really pop in the right light.

All silk navy ties are not created equal.


  1. This is a gorgeous tie! Do the dots and lines affect the best way to tie a tie like this?

  2. This tie is really great...and the idea to have some close-up shots is very appealing!

  3. Cora,

    They don't really affect how I wear it. It's not a great deal different than a more traditional square-end silk knit tie, with nearly the same thickness and construction. The asymmetry of the knit itself, though, really makes it stand out despite the solid color.

  4. Excellent tilt-shift shots! It's the sort of tie that, while simple, conveys every bit as much style as any other would. I love finding these what I call "rare" ties, from small or out of business companies, I feel like I'm really getting something special.