Monday, June 7, 2010

Tie bonanza!

It is true. I am somewhat obsessed with ties. There's something about a good tie that can set off an ensemble, and really, you can't have too many of them.

A couple days ago, that very statement was tested, because I ran across one of the best troves of cravats I've seen in ages. It was at the end of an almost completely fruitless morning hitting garage sales and a couple stores when I stumbled across an absolutely huge pile of great neckwear at my local haunt.

Because I have an already overflowing rack, I limited myself to 14 ties, then called my good friend, who came and raided the place and got 21 more. This whole first pile (rep racing stripe, wide stripe, paisley) is all Land's End, vintage Land's End, and older Jos A. Bank. I snagged the colors I figured I'd wear most. The best part is the total cost of all 14 ties (at $2 apiece) is probably close to what I'd pay for a single new tie from either of the aforementioned stores.

pile o ties

I also picked up two insane, super chubby knit ties by Land's End that are literally the thickness of heavy wool socks. They won't be suitable for at least 4 more months, but I can't wait to rock them with a nice tweed.

super chunky wool

On a separate trip, I ran across this stunning silk tie that caught my eye from a distance.

silk lovely

As it turns out, my eagle eye suspicions were correct. A 100% silk Hardy Amies tie from London. It's a beauty.

Hardy Amies

There's still a part of me that feels like very day I break out a new (to me) tie, I feel like I'm stepping out with an entirely new outfit. This latest round of finds should have me unveiling fresh combinations for quite some time.


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  2. Holy moly, i do envy that selection. The knit ties are especially fabulous!

  3. Wow, I've never seen knit ties like that. Quite envious. I love old Lands' End ties. The quality's quite underrated.