Monday, May 3, 2010

Vintage ties: The hand-painted

I've mentioned in a couple previous posts that I've been collecting ties for several years now. Although I have plenty of more the more traditional types (diagonal stripe, dot, and etc), my first love was (and probably still is) for vintage ties of the 1940s through the 1960s or so. Because some of them are pretty cool, and because the only people who really get to see them are people I know in real life, I decided to start taking photos of them awhile back.

Without further ado, I'll start things off with the hand-painted part of the collection.

acetate hand painted

A fairly simple acetate number

dark green hand painted

Perfect for fall or spring. Dark green with faint metallic gold work

dark red hand painted

Red, yellow, blue, and white. How can you go wrong?

island hand painted

Island theme. Worn only when appropriate.

dark brown hand painted

Stunning colors. One of my favorite ties.

orchids on red

Orchids on eye-popping red.

red fall leaves

Perfect for a fall day when a dash of red is still necessary.

green hand painted

If one could have a lucky tie, this would be mine. I wore it on my wedding day and to the job interview of my current (and favorite ever) job.

In my particular neck of the woods, hand-painted ties are particularly hard to come across, so I hold a particular fondness for all of the above, despite some of them being rather brash. More than any other ties in my collection, they're also truly one of a kind.

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