Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Overcast and oppressive

Today was one of those strange days where the sky was overcast, but the layer of clouds were thin enough that one still had to wear sunglasses. The temperature hovered in the upper 70s all day, but it actually felt much warmer because the humidity hung out at about 70% or more on front end of an impending storm.

I had a meeting a couple miles from my office and I didn't want to perspire too much on the bike ride there, so I decided to drop the tie and still try to keep some semblance of dress. I'd just found a fairly interesting unlined jacket ($2.50, on half-off day) a couple weeks previous that I'd been meaning to break out, so it was the perfect occasion.

jacket pattern

A lightweight wool (possibly a mix), the jacket has a light brown / grey / white check pattern with a hint of blue running through it.


An obligatory shot of the label. Pretty swank I think.

back again

Pardon my disheveled look, I had just pedaled 3 miles into a 25 mph head wind.

This last photo is somewhat blown-out, what with the weird, hot, overcast haze we had at mid-day, but it's somewhat representative of how it works with some khaki's.

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