Monday, May 10, 2010

Vintage ties: The novelty

Now that I've tweaked the blog to show bigger pictures in a much nicer way, I figured I might as well let loose with another tie post or two. Within this collection, I have an absolute boat-load of what one might call, "novelty" prints, and these are some of my favorites. There are a variety of print styles and fabric below, and I enjoy them all for different reasons.


Insanely detailed print of France with the Arc de Triomphe, a double decker bus, ladies with umbrellas, and probably a Citroen. :)


Actually a bit more on the subdued side. Juicy browns and reds with a nice windowpane print.

Boxes and leaves

If you can't tell by now, I have a lot of red ties. This is another one that's a bit on the loud side, but also works for fall just fine.

Beau Brummel

Featured in this post from awhile back. Shiny, shiny.

Brown with starbursts

Very cool pattern that makes for a flat-colored knot with a lot of design on the tails.


Professor: What's another name for a pirate's treasure?


This goes perfect with a cream-colored shirt on a spring day. Is it a feather or a leaf? The world may never know.

C is for cookie

I've seen a load of monogrammed shirts and ties in my day, but have never found another with the initial of my last name printed on the fabric. Of course I'm going to buy the damn thing.

More inspired posts soon, when my tornado of work slows to a mere dust storm.

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