Sunday, April 25, 2010

Soon to be cruiser

Two months ago I saw an old 1984 Trek bicycle sitting out in a somewhat oddball mid-winter garage sale. It was my size and the price couldn't be beat, so I swiped it up and threw it in the trunk of the car and knew right away what sort of project it was going to turn into. After a couple weeks spent trying to paint match, I threw up my arms in defeat and had the frame media blasted and powder coated in semi-gloss black.

Ultimately, that latter decision is probably going to be one for the better, as the final product is turning out much closer to what I'd imagined in my mind than the original red paint job would have. This weekend was spent polishing some of the old parts and waiting for a few more to arrive in the mail. Barring any major hangups, I should be able to finish putting it together this week.

Once everything is assembled, I'll have a little longer post with some better pictures and a bit more description.

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