Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stocking up in the off season

Over the course of the past couple years, I've discovered that despite being very tall, my leg measurements are not all that weird, and it's not all that hard to find pants that are fairly nice. Shirts are another matter entirely (and discussed more in this post), as my sleeve length runs 3-4 inches longer than my inseam, making jackets and shirts rare finds indeed.

At any rate, this post is about pants, and I scored some absolute gems recently. Unfortunately, they're all wool, and despite a couple pairs of them being fairly light, they'll probably get packed away for the next couple months.

First off is two pairs obviously tailored for the same person, as they're exactly the same other than color. Oh, and look (and lust) at those colors! Navy and dark brown, with beige, red, and light blue woven into each.

If these were part of a suit combo at one time, I weep at not having found the jackets to go along with them.

There are no tags of any sort in the pants, but the fabric is killer on each. The bright threads woven through each makes me think I should try to break each pair out at least once with something complimentary before it gets really warm. Perhaps the best part is that each pair was only $1 on sale.

The next pair (and these will really be coveted in October or so) is a seriously dense pair of vintage army-issue wool pants in the standard green. They're as solid as they come, with a full metal zipper and great detailing. They are, however, much too warm to wear when the temperature is anywhere above 50 degrees.

I am a sucker for crisp military wear, so I forked over a whopping $3 for these. I certainly don't foresee any cold legs while biking with them on.