Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage ties: The skinnies

In what will probably be my last vintage tie post (see also: square ends, hand-painted, geometric and space age, and novelty prints) for awhile, I'm going to break out my favorite skinny ties. I've noticed this style in particular coming back into the forefront lately, largely I'm sure due to the success of Mad Men, but I've had a thing going for these ties for many moons before that show was a thought (and to be honest, I've still never seen an episode).

Without any further fanfare, I present the ties!

brown embroidered

This silk number is embroidered in several different colors (well, pink and white anyway) with undetermined shapes that are eye-catching without being gaudy.

art deco black and white

This understated black silk number is art deco all the way. 4 simple boxes filled in with white, this one reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright for some reason.

surfboard design

Simple black silk with an embroidered triple line racing strip down the middle and a nice starburst near the point in white and orange. Fall, all the way

hand painted red silk

Technically, this one could have landed in my aforementioned collection of hand-painted numbers, but the tiny additions to this red diagonal print are so subtle they're almost not there. Very nice.

army green

Army green silk tie with a black box damask fade. Totally killer.

black with lanterns

I've noticed that a good portion of my older sharkskin and/or silk ties have at the very least some sort of minor embroidery on them. This one is no different, with a ivy and lantern (?) pattern that wobbles its way up the middle.

art deco subtle

Another art deco style motif, this one is subtle and nice as well, with shades of gray and hints of light mint green that keeps it from being too somber.

dark blue with green shimmer

Not sure that this is my favorite, but it's among them. A dark blue silk number with an army green check box damask that not only fades near the point, but has a clean line cut out near the left edge. Kind of a tricky color combination, but it totally cracks when added to the lineup.

Hrm, my next post is already number 50 since starting this thing. Time to start thinking...

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  1. Where did you get these ties, or where can you suggest I get more like these? My boss wears ties like these and I'm at a loss for where to get some for him!