Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pull your feet to your chest

After a nice warm-up later last week and the beginning of this one, we had another cold snap here today. Between lunch and the end of the work day, we got almost 4 inches of snow, making the drive home slow going and pulling into the steep driveway a hit-or-miss proposition. Fortunately, the front-wheel drive found success on the second try.

I knew it was it was coming, though, and tried to celebrate yesterday with some suitable hints of warmer color.

tweed and hermes
Up top, I went with a western-styled tweed jacket that's incredibly versatile on days that fluctuate wildly in temperature. It's warm, but only half-lined, so it breaths pretty well. Paired it with a pink and white university striped OCBD and even busted out one of my Hermes ties. Pocket square in gold (another one courtesy of Kleidsam, - thanks man!) seems like it might be a bit of a stretch, but bear with me here...

shoes and socks
Down below, I went with cream corduroys, striped socks and my beeswax Clark bucks, which have aged nicely and are giving off a lovely patina of yes, gold!

Like I said, that's pushing it a bit, but I was trying to shove some subtle attention in their general direction. Their color is just too nice to not appreciate.

And now, I must go scoop the sidewalk.


  1. Good call on the pocket square. The other colors of the outfit are so subtle that the shoes really stand out.
    Going back to your last post.. congrats on the bow tie. Hard to find one in such good condition. I find all my pocket squares in the women's dept. I don't really wear silk scarves or ascots, but I've managed to find a few of those as well.

  2. Pretty cool! Thumbs up on this one.

  3. Those Clark's are wicked cool, I've always liked the beeswax look and I'm glad to see how nice they patinate over time. Once my current suede desert boots are gone I think I'll opt for a pair similar to yours.

    Also, I've always been a fan of subtle variation on tone since it really allows the patterns to shine, and they definitely are doing so here. Great look today.

  4. Cool to see the ps sported i such a convincing way...well done!