Friday, February 11, 2011

Playing it safe

Despite some of the suggestions in the comments when I first found it, I broke out my vintage velveteen jacket today and paired it with... jeans. It was the first day that it's really been warm enough to wear it, and it just happened to coincide with a rather mellow day at the office, so on it went.

In honor of the slightly warmer temps, I broke out the Lands' End shirt that I picked up recently, and paired it with a vintage cotton lisle knit tie in electric blue.

paintbrush shirt and knit tie
Below were the dark blue Levi's and some newer Florsheim black wingtips that I throw on when there's going to be much walking that involves trudging through slush.

denim and leather
Considering the light colors of the shirt, the whole thing came off as rather understated. I think my inner peacock (if I even have one) will have to wait until even warmer temperatures to unfurl.

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