Friday, February 25, 2011

Walking contradiction

I'm all for following some traditional rules and not throwing everything out the window when it comes to personal style, but sometimes I wake up and simply glaze over some things for fun. If it's comfortable, it looks decent, and if my wife doesn't halt me before stepping out the door, it's a go.

Case in point was today.

First off, I remember reading a blog where a fellow once said,
"As I've mentioned in other posts, I often feel self-conscious about wearing hats (simply because they make me even taller)...

rabbit fur hat

Oh dear, a rabbit fur cap.

Secondly, is that a freaking Australian Open golf tournament v-neck sweater being worn on a day when there's 8 inches of snow on the ground? Why yes. Yes it is.

Some dudes have Hawaiian shirt Friday; I guess this is my equivalent.


  1. You are very handsome!

  2. Whoa, awesome! I've wanted one of these hats for a while but they are usually too small when I find them. You pull it off very well.