Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Style Share return - Lands' End tie

First off, I have to make a bit of an apology on this entry, as February's edition of Style Share offered up a multi-color houndstooth jacket that was claimed by a reader.

As I was getting it ready to mail, I noticed a small hole in the right elbow that had somehow gone completely unnoticed (even while photographing it). Needless to say, I felt like a heel, and mustered up an apology.

Lands End tie in red, green, and navy
Fortunately, Joe was a good sport and accepted a replacement item; a red, green, and navy striped Lands' End tie.

Style Share return with Lands End tie

photo courtesy JoeTheMiddleYears

Here, he paired it up with a Polo button-down and a Lands' End Navy blazer. A super classic look that really makes the complimentary colors of the tie pop out and become the focal point.

Again, thanks to Joe for being understanding and for his contribution.


  1. Mr. M,
    You are putting FAR too much burden on yourself. Might I remind you that you are GIVING these items away. Free. In fact, you pay for the shipping as well, so the needle on the generositometer is in its highest position. If only Ebay sellers were as conscientious as you are. Your brand of gallantry is head-spinningly refreshing.

  2. Joe is rocking some of the coolest specs this side of nowheresville. Sweet.