Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm hungry for spring

Today was one of those glorious days where it truly felt like winter was really retreating back into the shadows. On the bike ride into work, it was in the lower 30s, but warmed to almost 70 by a mid-afternoon stroll and just under that on the bike ride home. I didn't have any meetings and thought I'd play it a little loose, so I went with the vintage dinner jacket that I found late last year.

dinner jacket montage
I didn't try to do too much with it in fear of making its more odd qualities stick out, and paired it with a lighter pair of chinos, a blue wool knit tie, and a pocket square with similar coloring. Keeping in mind some fairly consistent color-matching, the spread-collar shirt had dark brown stripes that tied into both my dark brown leather belt and loafers, as well as blue stripes that were close to the tie and pocket square color.

dinner jacket detail
In the end, it didn't feel costume-ish at all. Instead, the more playful aspects of the jacket (one button closure and sleeves, lapel and pocket cording) seemed perfect for the lighter weather.

I doubt the anonymous poster who expressed their one-word dissatisfaction with my purchase will see this, but overall the jacket worked out even better than even I had expected it to. It'll go into regular rotation, for sure.


  1. Well, it's not me. But you know what they say: to look good in clothes, be tall and slender. So you handled it.

    Colors are on point.

  2. Excellent outfit, that jacket really does fit you perfectly. The jacket isn't costume-y at all. The lapel accents are a nice dandyism and you've executed everything flawlessly.