Sunday, March 27, 2011

Setting the table for spring

After a stint of unseasonably warm temperatures, mother nature decided to toy with us once again here and dropped down to unseasonably cold. So, here we are one week after the first day of spring and there's snow coming down again. If you see a newspaper headline that states, "Old Man Shakes Fist At Sky," it might be referring to me.

It's been awhile since I made a good post about tie finds, and fortunately the thrift gods have come through with some beauties that will become absolute go-to pieces when the temperature warms up again.

Polo silk tie
First up is this silk brocade Polo tie with a great maps / sailboat motif. Totally electric.

Polo red flannel
Next up is this plaid cotton flannel tie, also from Ralph. It feels like a beat-up pair of pajama pants, but looks like a firecracker. Swoon.

Lily Pulitzer tie
Easily the most eyeball-popping of my finds, this Lily Pulitzer gem very nearly glows with greens, pinks and reds. I'm thinking this one will get worn with my green Lacoste pants at some point.

Owl ties
Last, but certainly not least are these novelty-print Owl ties. I actually found these on ebay for incredibly cheap (especially considering their silk weight and construction). I try to stay away from too many ties like this, but if you've been following this blog for awhile you already know that we have a history with owls in our household, so I only thought it fitting.

Speaking of the owls, I saw them for the first time this year the other night. I'm trying to not be superstitious or anything, but I'm guessing that we'll soon be joined by a new member of our family.

If I suddenly stop updating the blog for awhile, the aforementioned will be the reason why. Fear not, though. I will return. :)


  1. (click and static of bullhorn)

    "Mr. Midwester! This. Is. The fashion. Police.

    "We have you. Surrounded.

    "Step back. From the Lilly. Pulitzer. Tie.

    "We are sending in. A removal. Squad. Do not make. Any. Sudden. Moves.

    "We will release you. To the custody. Of your family. They. Have arranged. An intervention.

    "Thank you. For your. Cooperation."

    (click and static of bullhorn)

  2. Okay, that is easily among the best comments left on this blog to date.

    *Golf clap*

    Please keep coming back.

    You're still not going to get me to give up that tie, though. :)

  3. OK, I will--but I'll probably forget the alias I use here, and post under another silly name.

    You'll know it's me because all the words will be speled properrly.

  4. I like the buttoned self loop on the back of those owl ties, it's not something you really see these days. Of course the Polo ties are cool, but of course I'm really interested to see how you kit out the Lilly tie.