Sunday, October 10, 2010

Feeling superstitious

I don't consider myself a person that believes much in luck, and I'm pretty much a non-superstitious person in general. The past two months, though, nature has caused a little skepticism to creep into my mind.

Roughly sixty days ago, we noticed that four owls had take up residence in the grape vines that grow up and through a pergola directly behind our house. The same day we noticed them, a rather exciting event took place in our household (which I will talk about in some other post in the future). Many days, we would go outside and say a few words to the winged creatures, and they would give us small head tilts in response.

For a few weeks, they disappeared.

Then, on the exact day that my wife had a job interview, two of them had returned.

Screech owls

We did a little research and discovered that they are Screech Owls, and have even heard them make their distinctive calls several nights when our windows have been open (before fall allergy season truly kicked in).

The two owls have stuck around, and we've gone back to walking out and saying a few words to them nearly every day while they sit and peer at us, seemingly gaining in lucidity as the days move towards dusk and they their feeding time.

Screech owl 1

Screech owl 2

At this point, we're trying to think of a good place to put an owl box, as we think it would be great to have them in the area for hunting pests and just hanging out.

Also, they may very well be good luck.

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  1. Hmmm...maybe they can do magic...would definitely put up the box :)