Monday, March 29, 2010

Tweed tweener

Today was one of those weird days of the year where it was 29 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning on the bike ride in, then just a smidgen over 70 when I stepped out of the office after work. As mentioned in a another post, such dramatic temperature swings require a bit more planning than normal.

Fortunately, I have a nicely-weighted tweed go-to jacket (bought for $3 a couple years back) that keeps me warm but is made of a lighter fabric that breaths a bit. On the ride in, a thin sweater provided an extra layer, while a scarf, gloves and hat kept my extremities warm. They went into the messenger bag on the insanely beautiful ride home.

The other nice thing about this jacket is that it has some fairly bright colors woven in, in very subtle ways, which you'll probably have to view the full-size photo to see

At any rate, I paired it with some dark brown khakis and one of colorful madras ties from this haul. Due to my commuting habits, I haven't made the full-on turn to spring, but it's definitely creeping closer.

Right before this picture was taken, my wife said something about "blue steel" (cue Zoolander) that made me laugh. She rocks.

If you look to my right in the above photo, you will see our garden scarecrow, who is modeled after a headless Patrick Bateman.

Have I mentioned how excited I am about spring?

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  1. Very nice cut and pattern on the jacket. Great tie, of course. Glad you balanced out the color with a solid shirt.