Monday, March 15, 2010

When you wish upon a (thrift) store

I am not a proud man. Sometimes I get all excited about a clothing item that I know I shouldn't be excited about, and I am not ashamed of that. A couple months ago, I saw a pair of baby-blue Gap khakis at a thrift store and lusted after them for spring. Unfortunately, they weren't even close to my size, so I got on the internet and looked around for something similar, only to be denied.

Imagine my surprise when I snagged these babies this weekend for only $2; half off their original price.

Definitely a sign of spring. And if that weren't enough, I also found a couple other great pairs of pants. The first were these 100% wool beauts in brown with threads of orange, blue, and green woven in ($3).

Finally, in the "you can never have too many pairs" category are these Land's End khakis, with suspender buttons (again $2, half off their original price).

Oh, and speaking of suspenders, I hauled in these emerald green and navy (sadly, my picture does not do them justice) numbers at the same time ($2).

Oh, and it is totally on. I rode the bike to work today after a nearly 4 month slumber.

And it was good.


  1. Great finds! I can never seem to find decent pants when thrifting. The suspenders are pretty cool, too. I haven't worn suspenders since forced to as a kid, but I picked up several in paisley last week at a local thrift shop. I'm planning to display them somehow. Any thoughts?

  2. I went through a massive drought on pants there for awhile, but lately it seems like I've been coming across the 34 inseams a lot more often.

    Hrm... I'm not sure on displaying suspenders. I myself haven't worn suspenders since I was a kid either, but I plan on breaking that streak soon.

    Ties obviously lend themselves to being displayed a lot easier, although if you have some paisley ones (cool!), they might look good on a form or something. Either that, or you could just make one of these...


  3. Good luck finding a solid outfit to pair the suspenders with. I'm sure you can pull it off. Really enjoying the blog!