Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday scores

One of my wardrobe goals for 2010 was to add a few more jackets, just so I would have a little more variety. Of course, I'm sure it's partially lust after seeing the massive collection put together by Guiseppe over at An Affordable Wardrobe, but my closet is still a bit on the slim side in terms of choice. If I had to guess, I'd say my limited palette is somewhat dictated by my odd measurements, but it might just be a bad time of the year for finding decent jackets at the thrift store.

The last six months or so have been pretty much complete busts in this department, so I was incredibly excited when I ran across not one, but two great jackets in my size yesterday (for $5 each, incidentally).

First one is a super unique slubbed silk (100%) jacket in a navy and white herringbone. It's light enough that I should be able to easily kick it for a couple months yet and versatile enough in color that I should be able to mix it up with chinos or jeans alike. At 44xl, I was worried that it would be too wide in the body for me, but it actually fits more like a 42xl.

The second jacket is a little more understated, but even nicer in terms of quality. It's brown/cream herringbone design that is made out of what I'm guessing is camelhair, as it's incredibly soft (no fiber content tags anywhere). Like the other jacket, this one fits me spot-on, which is a rarity, so it really wasn't too difficult of decision for me to make.

Pictures of them being incorporated into my daily wear coming in the near future.

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