Monday, May 23, 2011

Silk and steerhide

No, the title of this post doesn't refer to anything kinky, rather it's just a way of introducing some of my favorite finds from the past month or so. As I mentioned in a previous post, I haven't been getting out to thrift as much as usual, but I have gotten out once in awhile and run across a few things worth bringing home.

silk knit gold
First up is a vintage silk knit tie in shiny gold. It's easily among my favorite tie finds this year, and yet I haven't found the occasion to wear it yet. I will have to remedy that soon.

raw silk tie
I've never heard of this brand of tie before (DiMitri), but the raw silk in red, white, and cream was irresistible. It's been perfect for the warmer weather and has just a touch of texture to really set it off.

Robert Talbott
Vintage Robert Talbott in one of the more unique color combinations that I've run across in awhile. The khaki color is fairly straight-up, but the off hues of red and blue are a bit more understated and probably best suited for late summer and fall.

Levis steerhide belt
Best for last? Vintage, unworn hand-tooled full-grain steerhide Levi's belt in my size, complete with a chunky brass buckle. I've worn this on many a weekend with some dark denim and have even thrown it on with some khakis and a jacket during the week and feel like I'm hiding a secret. I know you're jealous.


  1. Congrats on the finds, especially the belt. My suggestion for the gold tie would be a deep blue chambray or linen shirt, roughed up tan chinos and brown wingtips.

  2. That gold tie looks like a grenadine, not a knit. It'll look good with blues, tans, and browns, but keep it away from yellow!

  3. I take that back: I'm pretty sure it's not grenadine. But it does have a nice texture.

  4. You know, I was actually wondering whether this was a grenadine tie as well, a garza grossa (larger weave) one.

    I always have a hard time distinguishing them anyway. I had the same problem with this silk tie, and in the end just described it as a knit. Ah, well.