Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back at it

After a couple week break hanging out with my wife and new baby, I was back in the saddle this week at work and trying to get back into the swing of things sartorially after 14 days of jeans and polo shirts and sometimes wearing the same thing days on end. If you already have a child, you know that just getting a shower during some of those early days seems like a major feat. Fortunately Matilda has settled into at least a loping rhythm, thereby allowing us to again practice proper hygiene and slide into clothes that we'd actually feel comfortable being seen wearing in public.

The temperatures climbed a bit this week, and because it's spring in the plains, the wind has been roaring. I biked to work every day this week, so I've been slowly incorporating summer items back into the wardrobe. This week, I pulled out three separate linen pieces on two different days and got them added to the mix.

linen jacket and tie
First up is this cream-colored linen jacket, which I paired with a baby-blue linen tie and a blue/yellow striped shirt. I found a plain white cotton hanky to stuff in the pocket, and let a little of the blue embroidery pop out the top.

full shot x 2
Full shot of the ensemble, as well as the other get-up, which was a bit more traditional.

tie, shirt, jacket
Standard navy jacket with a bright red vintage Rooster linen tie and a pocket square in a similar color with a flower motif. Lands' End paintbrush button-down to throw some more color in the mix and lighten-up what could be a security-guard style outfit otherwise (given the gray pants and black wingtips).

pocket square close up
Close-up of the pocket square because I like it.

Everything is blooming around here, so I might as well try to keep pace with it in terms of what I'm wearing. More color coming soon.


  1. Glad to have you back and hear things are settling down a little. Both outfits look awesome. I have the same red Rooster tie, and I love the Lands' End paintbrush line of shirts - underrated quality and value.
    Been on the hunt for some jackets in your size but still nothing's come up yet.

  2. Both outfits are great. I particularly like the shirt/tie/jacket combo with the tan & blue, though I think more contrast between the color of the jacket and pants would have been even better.

    Is it just me, or are the sleeves on the tan jacket a wee short?

    My only kibitz for the blazer outfit is the pocket square. I like a nice white cotton or linen pocket square in my blazers—I just think that's the best way to go.

    And I'll second Scott here: I love my Paintbrush shirt, and plan to get more. Yours goes great in this outfit.

  3. Mr. Readerston: It's not just you. That cream-colored jacket is a recent find and I need to have the sleeves dropped just a bit. It's one of several projects I need to find the time to drop off at the tailors, but haven't yet done. At some point, here...