Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Style Share - May

As mentioned in the previous post, there's nothing super special about this installment of Style Share, just some solid ties with stripes that range from colors that would work from straight-up business to summer-time fare. For obvious reasons, I haven't been out thrifting or hitting garage sales as much as usual, but I thought I'd fire this feature back up and try to keep it coming back as much as I can.

As always, the only thing I ask is that the recipient of said item of free* clothing email me back a photo or two of them wearing it for a follow-up post on this site. First three ties claimed will be sent out.

Lands End navy green
Lovely Lands' End in navy and green, with hints of red and yellow. Subdued, with hints of spring.

Lands End green red
Another Lands' End in similar colors, with a bit more of a fine stripe pattern. Easily a three-season tie.

Brooks Brothers blue
Brooks Brothers in two shades of blue and white. Like a lovely spring day with a few light clouds in the sky, this one will go with anything warm-weather.

Lands End purple and misc
Yet another Lands' End number, this one in near-fuchsia with lines of blue, yellow, and white. Definitely a little more cocktail-party, this one might be best by the pool or green-side.

As always, claim your item in the comments, then shoot me an email to let me know your address so I can get you your tie.

*Seriously, it's free, and yours to keep forever. No strings attached. I won't share your name on the site or with anyone else unless you have a blog of your own that you want me to link. Please note that all clothing will be used (but certainly not stained, smelly, or damaged, as I do have standards), so please only agree to participate if this sort of thing doesn't gross you out. Thanks!


  1. May I chase after the blue Brooks Brothers number?

  2. Of course, YWP. It is yours. I know you'll slay with it.

    All the Lands' Ends are still up for claiming, and if nobody does... then I'm going to keep a couple of them myself. :)

  3. I really like the 2nd Lands End tie, the finer striped green and blue. Is that one still up for grabs?

  4. Shawn, it is indeed still up for grabs. Shoot me an email at the address listed in my profile and I'll hook you up.

  5. Darn! I really like that BB tie...

    I snoozed, so I loozed. YWP, enjoy it! (But I wouldn't mind if you failed to claim it....)

    The LE ties are nice, but I already have ties similar enough to them that I don't need more.

    Thank you, Mr. Midwester, for your generosity.

  6. MR: Not to worry. I'll have another round either next month or early in July, depending on what kind of stuff I can round up. I'm not out as much, hence I'm not finding as much cool stuff to pass along, but I do have a couple like-minded items sitting here ready to send out, so maybe it'll have to be a hodge-podge for the next round.

  7. Wait, is the first tie still available? If so I am quite interested.

  8. DD: That tie is indeed still available. Hit me up via the email in my profile and I will get it out in the mail to you.

    And with that, this month's Style Share comes to a close. As I mentioned in a previous comment, hopefully I'll be back soonish with another round.