Monday, May 16, 2011

Mid by Northeast

Some friends of ours got married this weekend, and while original sartorial plans included a bit lighter fare, the notoriously finicky midwestern weather had other plans. One week ago, the temps were over 90 degrees, but on the day of the wedding, they were hovering around 50 with overcast skies. I decided to take it down a few notches, but still incorporate some bolder splashes of color.

wedding outfit 1
The ensemble included some nantucket red chinos from LL Bean (which I got for $15 including shipping during one of their ridiculous winter sales), burgundy penny loafers, a pink and white university-striped oxford, and a madras tie.

wedding outfit detail
Here's a detail of the upper half, including pocket square and a lapel pin that I picked up recently off ebay. The seller (pewterplace) has a ridiculous amount of fun pins, and most of them are under $8.00 including shipping. I picked the Wren for sentimental value, but I could see how a Mallard duck, a lobster, or a pheasant might be more up your alley, depending on your interests.

The wedding reception was a blast and we actually ventured out with the baby for one of the first real times since we'd brought her home. She charmed everyone that met her, of course, and when we got home we even managed a few family portraits. I can't believe she's almost a month old already.

M and me
It's been an amazing ride already.

(Note: new Style Share is coming Wednesday evening (at 9 p.m., give or take an hour). Theme is striped ties, with colors that range from basic to loud, with fine makers such as Lands' End and Brooks Brothers. Be there or be square.)


  1. I love your arm candy!!!

    The rig is great as well. Someday we'll wake up to find it 100 out and wonder where the 80's were.

  2. Forget the lapel pin, you've got the best accessory in your left arm. Top notch from pin to pennies.

  3. Hey there proud papa! Your little one looks great. Enjoy holding her in one arm—even in one hand—while you can. Those days pass in the twinkling of an eye.

    I like the navy blazer to tone down the bold clothes. Good color combinations, too. While I often try to make my pocket square coordinate with my shirt, I think you may have overdone it here. The stripes, by going in the same direction, end up clashing.

    Great tie. I think it flatters you. I just wouldn't wear it with GTH pants, even if I were to wear such pants and I wouldn't but that's my preference.

    Anyway, take your little one out NOW. For now, she's easy: highly portable yet incapable of moving herself, and she spends most of her time sleeping. This is the easiest age for parents of small children. Once she is mobile and spends more of her time awake, you will not see the inside of even a semi-nice establishment for a very, very long time—at least not without the benefit of a babysitter.

  4. Mr. M,
    I think the whole thing looks great, especially the young Miss Midwester.