Thursday, June 2, 2011

Landlocked skipper

In addition to hunting for great things for ourselves and sometimes others, my wife and I often just keep an eye out for interesting items in general when we're at the thrift store. A couple years ago, my wife picked up just such an item, and it's been sitting in a closet or hanging on a rack in our house since.

sailboat jacket
Blue chambray-colored vintage jacket with sailboat schematics print. Effing amazing.

sailboat jacket front and back
Here it is from the front, pictured with vintage Maus And Hoffman raw silk tie.

sailboat jacket detail
Here's a detail of the front button and the Neiman Marcus tag. I have no idea where this one was sold, but I'm guessing it wasn't originally from my landlocked state.

sailboat jacket
Here's another detail shot from the front. It's unique and cool enough that I think it's worth seeing one more time.

So, the real question is what happens to this piece? It doesn't fit me (nor anyone else I know), and there's a minuscule stain on one lapel that makes me leery to try to sell it (although a decent dry cleaner may be able to remove it). But seriously though, a small stain does nothing to diminish the total cool factor of this thing. Technically, it could be labeled as "go to hell," but that sounds far too crass for something so breezy.

Maybe it will live with us forever.


  1. what size is it? i would be interested

  2. I'm truly in awe of this jacket. Just speechless, really.

  3. jb: Let me do some measurements tonight when I get home. Based on how I remember it fitting me (poorly), I think it's something like a 40r - 42r or something like that.

    Scott: Yeah, it's one of those things that you just buy first and worry about later. As I've mentioned before, my wife has a great eye for things.

  4. I bet this jacket would attract confused stares everywhere except any yacht club or Martha's Vineyard where I'm sure it would attract nodding smiles and multiple thumbs up!

  5. The closest I've ever seen to something like that is aloha shirts in similar nautical designs. Similar only, though: closer inspection reveals this pattern to be nothing like what's found on aloha shirts.

    Amazing jacket. I wouldn't be caught dead in it, but I can still appreciate it for its amazingness.

  6. jb: Rough measurements are as follows:
    Shoulders: 18"
    Chest: 21"
    Sleeves: 26"

    Based on that, I'm guessing it's somewhere between 40 - 42L (I'd say 42 for sure, but the shoulder to shoulder in back seems a little small). As previously mentioned in this blog, I wear a 41L, but have ape arms, and it's about 3 inches too short for me in the arms and fits snugly everywhere else.

  7. What material is this jacket made from?

  8. There aren't any size/material tags, but I think that it's linen. The third picture down gives a pretty good look at the weave.

  9. 40/42!?!?!? Gimme,gimme,gimme!

    Or...we can trade for something in my shop. Drop a line.

    I don't want to brag (yes I do) but if anyone can actual hit the streets in that thing, it's me.