Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pinwheel in the pocket

Although I've built a fairly large and vast collection of tie over my years of thrifting and hunting around, one area that I'm still trying to round out a little more are different accessories. I've managed to put together a wide array of very cool belts, and because I don't wear them very often (or frankly, find them very often), I've only purchased a couple very nice ascots over the years. I've managed to put together a small, but solid rotation of pocket squares, but like ties, I'm always on the hunt for something nice.

outfit detail

A couple weeks ago, I ran across this lovely silk piece with hand-rolled edges and a starburst pattern featuring eight different colors and a border and center dot of black. It may seem sort of gimmicky, but other than the obvious nice quality, one of the things I really love about it is its versatility. I've worn it 3 times already, with 3 completely different colored outfits, and based on the way I let it flow, I can work a nice number of color combinations. One day, there were two shades of blue peeking out, and another it was olive and taupe.

pocket square detail

Today, I plucked a bit of the burgundy and a small wedge of the silver side (without being too fussy about it, of course) to go with a subdued outfit of color-flecked gray Pendleton sport coat, a merlot-colored merino sweater vest, and a chunky wool fair-isle tie from Lands' End. It's a fairly simple pattern, but darn if it hasn't been a go-to in the past couple weeks.

As if you couldn't tell, the weather is getting colder here, and it's officially into my favorite season in terms of wardrobe. It's also nearing the end of October, and you know what that means...

baby in costume

Halloween officially becomes fun again when you have a child to dress up, and Matilda (who's almost six months!) is shown here in her penguin outfit with a pumpkin we grew in our garden. She's still too little to trick or treat, but that's no excuse to not be festive, right?


  1. Hey, I have that square, too!

    What a beautiful little girl. Halloween really is fun when you have young kids. My twins will be 2 on November first and their brother will be 3 and a half a few weeks later, and I can't keep them out of their costumes.

  2. I've got that square as well!

    Autumn is indeed my favourite season as well, for the same reason. I even like the colder weather!

    Happy Halloween to you all.

  3. I must chime in as well and say I have the same pocket square.

    I like the weave of the sport coat, and of course the fair isle tie is quite great. Beautiful photo of Matilda! Can't believe she's already reached six months!

  4. Wow, small world! Where did everybody get theirs? I found mine in the pocket of a sport coat at a small church-run thrift store and took it home for a mere 50 cents.

  5. Mine was from an aunt who lives in Pittsburgh. She makes a living from visiting yard sales/ house clearances and selling her finds on eBay. She came across it (and a few more) on one occasion and thought of her favourite nephew...!

  6. that is what I call a versatile pocket square :) Great find, you can switch up color every day with only one pocket square, like it a lot!