Monday, October 31, 2011

Style Share return - Pendleton tie

I guess I just had to silently get grumpy to myself about not receiving any Style Share returns in quite awhile, because after TDP offered up a nice picture of him with the Brooks Brothers tie from October, another return hit my inbox late last week.

Pendleton tie

This time, it was Jason, also from last month, who claimed the thick Pendleton tie pictured above.

Pendleton detail

photo courtesy Jason

As stated in his email, Jason paired it up with a Gant Rugger ocbd, vintage Lands' End jacket, and green Rugby cords. Tons of great fall colors all working together well.

Pendleton and pants

photo courtesy Jason

He even sent along a second shot showing the details (and left me curious about the footwear as well). Thanks again for participating, Jason!


  1. Great outfit. I love the color combinations. But please, Jason, in the future, button your top button and tighten your tie. It just looks better that way.

  2. Thanks! The shoes are Mark McNairy chukkas that I bought from Bonobos during the recent 50%-off-everything sale. I'd been saving a Gilt credit and a Living Social credit, so combined with the promotion, I got them for a song.