Friday, October 28, 2011

Out with the old and in with the slightly less old

Earlier this evening, my wife and I finally got rid of the piece of furniture that we'd owned for nearly as long as we've known each other. Way back when we first met, a mutual friend of ours was getting rid of said piece of furniture (which she herself had bought used!), and my wife snagged it for her small apartment as a way to save a bit of money. Later, it moved with us to our rental house, then finally the house that we bought, where it lived for years and years as we slowly purchased nicer pieces to surround it with. It was one of those pieces that was comfortable as hell, but frankly was starting to really show its age. It had a few ink spots from a dropped marker, the fabric was starting to show wear in multiple spots, and one of the cushions was permanently flipped upside-down after one of our dogs found a small tear in the covering and decided to perform crude surgery on it (see below).

bad dog

We'd talked about paying to have someone re-cover it, but ultimately decided against it due to the cost involved and the fact that a new upholstery job simply wouldn't mask some of the larger issues. In the meantime, it's just been sitting there as we kept our eyes out for something interesting at a reasonable price. Fortunately, our patience (or indecision) paid off, and we ran across this insanely beautiful couch this past weekend.

new sofa

Made by Patrician (who apparently cater more specifically to the corporate, healthcare and government markets), it's a very well-constructed sofa in the mid century modern style, running a full 7+ feet in length. It has a chrome frame, naugahyde cover, and it looks like it's barely been used. I have no idea what this sort of thing would cost new (even back in the late 60s or early 70s when it was likely made), and even though we needed some help from family who own a van in getting it home, I think it was well worth the c-note we spent on it.


  1. 7 feet long is nearly adequate to house your frame should your Mrs. find you disagreeable. Good find! I checked, and the modern equivalent runs $5k.

  2. Your dog looks so ashamed.

  3. She is a good dog, just has poor impulse control sometimes... :)

    The other thing is that she has no poker face at all. Whenever we've come home and something is wrecked (which is only a couple times), she acts guilty and ashamed as can be. Of course, she still gets in trouble, but it's kind of funny.

  4. We have a Boston as well. The shame-faced look involved huge yet slightly hooded eyes, away, with ears back and flat. Hilarious and a dead giveaway all at once.