Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Golden leaves and gold buttons

The past couple weeks have been kind of a haze around here, in some ways rather literally. Just about the time we had a weekend all planned for ourselves to get a lot of things done, a flu bug swooped through our household and basically wiped out my wife and I for a couple days each, somehow sparing the youngest one in the household. Everything got put on hold for a week or so, but we're hopefully out of the woods again now and ready to slip into a new steady schedule.

A couple weeks ago I made a post about a jacket that had circuitously found its way into a friends hands, and how I had then met him in person for dinner and he extended the favor of a jacket to me. The lighter, vintage black Gant jacket has made several appearances since then, as it's just about the perfect weight for days that start out on the cool side then warm up to indian-summer temperatures. Today was yet another one of those days, and after seeing more leaves than usual coming down this week, I decided to play off the gold buttons of the sport coat with a gold silk knit tie from a haul back in May.

gold, black and navy

As mentioned above, the jacket is actually black, but when paired with blues actually sort of takes on some of their coloring and looks closer to the very traditional navy blazer. I picked a shirt with a faint pattern that played with the boxy weave of the tie and yet another square pattern in the pocket square.

gold black and navy detail

Below, I went with gray chinos (the spray-starched lines of which were completely obliterated at the end of the day when this pic was taken) and black wingtips. Fairly understated as a whole, but with just a few little hints of color.

YWP, thanks again for the jacket, and good eyeball on the sizing. As you can see, it fits quite well, even without alterations.

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  1. Nice call on the whole look, especially the tie. Excellent cut to the blazer.