Thursday, March 15, 2012

Style Share return: Altea tie

Another return, this one from February, back when it was just unseasonably warm and not holy crap is it going to be 120 degrees every day this summer? warm.

Altea woven

This nice Altea woven silk tie was claimed by repeat-contributor TDP, who wore it out on the town and to a concert.

Altea tie ensemble

photo courtesy TDP

As usual, I'll let him give the details...

Paired the tie with a navy wool-silk Gucci suit, no-name white silk pocket square, no-name ancient white shirt, unseen Romano Martegani black calf captoes, and unseen ancient yellow cotton socks from the Andover shop.

Good stuff, as always, and now that he's rocked the double-breasted blazers a couple times, it makes me think that I need to redouble efforts to find one of my own. I've been averse to them for a long time, but I'm starting to think I could pull one off.

Thanks as always, to TDP, and to everyone else who has played along.

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