Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Style Share February

If you're new to the site, please read some older entries in this series, but if you're a regular you know the routine. This is the part of the show where I offer up some items of clothing and the only thing I ask is that the recipient of said free* item email me back a photo or two of them wearing it for a follow-up post on this site (I'll give you credit for the photo and even link your blog if you have one). As with the past couple entries, there are a couple hold-overs and a few fresh items. First two items claimed will be sent out.

Lands End tie

Super solid staple Lands' End tie in silver/brown, navy and red.

red italy dot

Not sure of the maker on this, but it's a very pretty red silk tie with black dots. Made in Italy, it has sharp colors and a light drape.

Brooks Brothers purple black stripe

Really lovely Brooks Brothers repp stripe in white, black, and purple(!) Everyone needs more purple, right?

Altea woven

Altea woven silk tie in absolutely gorgeous colors. Might work better in spring, but this will give you a jump start.

As usual, claim your item in the comments, then email me through the address listed on the site. Yes, it's that simple.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but if you see something you like that doesn't get claimed and you want to trade/purchase it, just email me. I've actually traded for a few items in the past and that works for me too.

*Seriously, it's free, and yours to keep forever. No strings attached. I won't share your name on the site or with anyone else unless you have a blog of your own that you want me to link. Please note that all clothing will be used (but certainly not stained, smelly, or damaged, as I do have standards), so please only agree to participate if this sort of thing doesn't gross you out. Thanks!


  1. First! Unfortunately, while all the pieces are nice, none of them tickle my fancy.

    I've thrifted a gazillion ties, so now, in order for a tie to be added to The Readerston Collection, it either has to be something I love; or fill a gap (of which there are few); or replace something that, for some reason, needs replacing.

    None of these lovely cravats quite fit into those categories.

    Best of luck to everyone else!

    P.S.: Where are those madras ties? ;-)

  2. If no one has claimed the Brooks Bros tie in purple, I'd like to have it, please.

    Best Regards,

    Ulrich von B.

  3. Mr. R: I know your pain with ties. I'm pretty stacked right now, so I only buy something for myself if it's better than something I have in the same sort of color scheme, or fitting into a very small niche that I don't have (which isn't much right now, although I could use a couple more silk knits).

    Oh, and you've heard of March Madness, right? I was thinking maybe March madras. :)

    PUvB: The Brooks Bros is yours.

    Everyone else: There are still 3 things left if anyone wants one.

  4. AllĂ´!,
    I would like the Allea tie, please!


  5. May I ask whereabouts in the Midwest you are?

  6. TDP: The tie is yours.

    Dole: Depends on why you're asking... :)

  7. March madras. I like it....

  8. March Madras, eh? That may fill a gap in my collection nicely...

  9. Not if I beat you to it, Jh078.