Monday, February 27, 2012

Yay or nay: The tartan blazer

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably know that I'm not the most adventurous fellow out there in terms of men's style. It took me a long time before I felt like I got very good at the basics, and I've basically been slowly unfurling different flourishes here and there as time goes along. It's felt like a fairly natural progression, and is still part of a longer process as I continue to branch out and try new things.

That said, sometimes a piece falls into your lap that you can't not purchase. I've already lamented the fact that I don't often find a lot of pieces in my size while thrifting (especially sport coats and shirts), but when I saw the following gem I immediately went to it. After pulling it off the rack and finding that it fit me really well (a trip to the tailor will round it completely into plae), I plopped down my $8 and purchased it, despite having my doubts that I would have the certain je ne sais quoi to ever pull it off properly.

tartan blazer

It's definitely wild, but very well made, with great pattern matching, wooden buttons, and absolutely no holes or stains (despite being 100% wool and likely from the 70s). Would you wear this thing?

I certainly will, and I'll have pictures to prove it in time (like I said, it still needs to go to the tailor).


  1. I would never wear it, but my tastes are not yours.

    I think it's a great piece. It would shine at a winter party. Try it with a white turtleneck and gray flannels. You could dress it up with a light blue shirt and a matte solid blue tie (grenadine or knitted). Just don't mix it with any other patterns of any type whatsoever.

    Most important of all, should you decide to wear it, you have to put it on and forget it, or that thing is going to wear you all day and all night long.

  2. You're outfit options are limited, but I love it. I'd go super "fuzzy" (as per ADG terminology) with yellow cords, a crisp white shirt and charcoal wool tie, and a bright white (perhaps yellow) pocket square.

  3. I get it, completely impractical, but on the other hand, how can you resist?

  4. Yeah, I'd wear it in a second. . . with khakis, mid-grey wool trousers, or, perhaps jeans. Go with a very plain button down shirt and no tie/solid tie. It is a great piece, but it might have the most use around the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year's period. Just my two cents, but then I'm a bit of a dude. . . dandy. . . fop. . . take your pick.

    Best Regards,

    Ulrich von B.


    I wore the purple Brooks Bros. tie today for the first time, and it was fantastic. Watch for a Style Share return photo or two in your e-mail during the next few days.

  5. It's certainly not a wear-often sorta jacket, but even if I only wear it once a year for the next ten or so, it will be worth it. You just don't see this sorta stuff every day...

  6. It's perfect for Robbie Burns Night!

  7. It all depends how you present it. Dress up and it *is* very Robbie Burns -- but bordering on old guy at coffee hour after church. Dress down, and you've got a Bosstones thing going. Which I kind of like, actually.

  8. I'm late to comment, but this is a yes. Once the temperature goes above 40f, best stow it. It will go well with a black bow tie and polished black shoes.

  9. A bit late in the day to be commenting.... But:
    Either you'll look like you emerged from a clown car, or the pages of GQ.
    The trick to such a loud jacket (any jacket actually) is some damn good tailoring.
    These things are dreadful if not fitted correctly. (Proper shoulder width, slight nip at the waist, sleeves show some shirt cuff.) Must look like it's yours, and not your grandpa's.
    Personally, I hate holiday-themed clothing. And against the advice of Prinz, would avoid wearing around Christmas.
    (One of the most pointedly barbed comments I've heard: "My, don't we look Christmassy!" Definitely not a compliment!)
    Best worn with sprezzatura. Everything else worn with this jacket should make you feel comfortable and unselfconscious.
    Good luck!