Thursday, February 9, 2012

For the birds (pocket square edition)

While I don't run across a lot of newer, designer clothing items during my thrift adventures in the midwest, it seems like I run across more than my fair share of ties with bird motifs. While I haven't hunted in many years, I always grab these items when I see them, and I've taken my pick of the litter, given some to friends, and given some away.

duck pocket square

I recently ran across this great pocket square with a duck motif, and of course I had to buy it as well. It's a really nice silk piece with hand-rolled edges and the works. I must admit to not being a very big bird person, and my first thought upon seeing it was, "mallard." After looking at image searches, the red band on the neck is throwing me off, though.

duck pocket square in action

Like a lot of pocket squares, the detail of the print can't really be fully appreciated when in action, but a co-worker of mine showed enough intrigue about it that I happily brought it out of the pocket and showed him the full design. Isn't that sort of what you're hoping for every time you wear a pocket square with something more than a basic pattern?


  1. Absolutely.

    I love the weave of that jacket.

  2. Agreed! And a very nice combination of clothing items there too.

    Best Regards,

    Ulrich von B.

  3. Once again, nice outfit, really like the jacket. Any tips to fold the pocket square ? I mean, I personnally make it puffs but can't manage to achieve a geometrical folding as you seem to do.

  4. Nice find. Sure you don't want to Style Share it? ;-)

    The jacket is great, too. From more than a few feet away, it reads as a solid; up close, you see otherwise. I really like that sort of subtlety.

    I've tried folding and stuffing pocket squares, and have come to the conclusion that stuffing looks better--to my eye, anyway. I would go for a TV fold with a white cotton or linen square on the very most serious of occasions, but other than that, I say, Stuff It!